Monday, February 28, 2011

Now Showing

There are two wonderful theatre showing at Istana Budaya now. One is ‘Terima Kasih Cinta’ and the other one is ‘Kampung Boy Musical Theatre’. Don’t miss your chance to watch these two amazing theatres. Grab your ticket now! You can read the details below for further information.

Title : Terima Kasih Cinta
Production : The Creative Partnership
Category : Theatre
Venue : Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya
Date : 19th February – 6th March 2011
Time : 3.00 p.m & 8.30 p.m

Title : Kampung Boy Musical Theatre
Production : Tall Order Production
Category : Musical Theatre
Venue : Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya
Date : 17th March – 3rd April 2011

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

History of Theatre

Everything that happened in this world must have the history or story behind it. Same goes to theatre. There is a history behind of the creation of theatre. Before you know something deeply, you have to know about  the history first. Here, we have a good website which explains about the history of theatre in a simple way. Click the link to go through the website. 

A Great Performance

Hello readers! As you can see on the poster above there was a theatre performance held at IIUM Main Auditorium on the 13th February 2011. It was a Malay theatre and the title is ‘Cintaku Milik Siapa’. In our opinion, the whole production’s crews and actors had done a great job. The performance was very awesome and you would not regret if you watch it. The theatre is about Umar, a disobedient son who has lost his mom which was a huge break for him. He hates his dad and enjoys girl's companies, typical city boy. But, something big happens at a Valentine's eve. Something that changes his view to the world, something that turned him over a new leaf, something that you ought to watch. For those who did not get the opportunity to watch this theatre, here we provide the trailer of this theatre. At least you have the idea how the theatre was. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is Theater?

Theatre is a branch of the performing arts. Any performance may be considered theatre; however, as a performing art, theatre focuses almost exclusively on live performers creating a self-contained drama. A performance qualifies as dramatic by creating a representational illusion. By this broad definition, theatre had existed since the dawn of man, as a result of the human tendency for storytelling. Since its inception, theatre has come to take on many forms, utilizing speech, gesture, music, dance, and spectacle, combining the other performing arts, often as well as the visual arts, into a single artistic form.  The word derives from the Ancient Greek theatron  (θέατρον) meaning "a place for viewing."Modern Western theatre derives in large measure from Greek drama, from which it borrows technical terminology, classification into genres, and many of its themes, stock characters, and plot developments.

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The First Few Words

Assalamualaikum to all readers. This is the first post in “THE MIRROR OF THEATRE”. The purpose of the creation of this blog is to fulfill the requirement for the subject Instructional Technology. The owners of this blog are Haizum Diyana Bt Che Abllah and Nur Aishah Binti Maidin. We named this blog as “The Mirror of Theatre” because we are going to write about theatre and give some reflections on theatre’s performance. We hope that this educational blog will benefits all of you and become a source of reference. There are a lot more to come. Do not miss it readers. Till then, have a nice day!